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As former founders, we understand how difficult it is to understand and access Venture Capitalists. Although we still recommend you to reach us through a mutually trusted connection, we are open to receive your pitch. 


Before you reach us though, please read our startup evaluation criteria below and check our FAQ for more details.  It is important you understand how VCs operate so both sides can be more productive and build a relationship based on trust, efficiency and transparency. 

  • What startups fit your investment criteria?
    We invest in scalable B2B or B2C early-stage tech startups solving problems primarily in Brazil. The companies can be located anywhere in the world and should not have raised a Series A. We are sector agnostic but we do not invest in biotech, hardware or startups with large consultive (non-automated) or offline components. At least one co-founder must be technical and one must speak fluent english.
  • Why do you require English fluency if you invest primarily in Brazil?
    Although our first meeting will be in Portuguese, we found out through our decades of experience as global entrepreneurs and investors, that English fluency is extremely important to build not only local champions but global companies. If at least one of the founders can not read or communicate well in English they'll probably be behind competitors in terms of product development, accessing great mentors, fundraising and hiring great people. Founders who are not fluent in English yet but are dedicated to improve their skills in the next 12 months are encouraged to contact us.
  • Why having a technical co-founder is so important?
    Because at the early-stage phase, a technical co-founder may lower costs in developing your product and iterate faster, exponentially increasing your chances of success. It doesn't make sense to invest in a tech startup withouth a co-founder who understands about tech. We can make an exception for this requirement in selected cases where a startup has exceptional co-founders and shows great traction.
  • How many co-founders should my startup have?
    The optimal setup is between 2-4 co-founders but more important than the number of co-founders is their history working together. We want to see complementary teammates who have been in the trenches in good or bad times. A co-founder is someone owning 10%+ in equity and working full-time.
  • Should my startup be making money for you to invest?
    Not necessarily. We do not think revenue is a good metric for success at this stage. Having a scalable product that customers love and keep coming back is more important. However, we do not invest in ideas. We want founders who know how to execute and have a launched product at least.
  • What are your investment terms?
    All of our investments are made offshore (Delaware or Cayman) through a SAFE, which is quick, protect the founders and let you focus on what matters the most: creating a great company. The only two things we'll negotiate is the amount of money we'll invest (up to $250K) and the valuation cap.
  • Why do you require an offshore entity to invest?
    For a few reasons: 1. The next round of smart money investors will require you to create an offshore entity, so you want to be ready for them. The sooner the better for your startup. 2. If we help bring great angels or other smart money investors to the same round we invest, they'll most likely invest abroad. If you don't have an offshore entity yet, that's ok. The process of incorporating a company abroad is quick and cheap. We recommend doing a "full flip" only after raising a certain amount of money as it is more expensive and time consuming. This podcast from our friends at Latitud contains some useful information.
  • How are you different from other funds?
    1. We have been entrepreneurs ourselves, therefore we understand and respect what you're going through and appreciate your efforts in building a startup; 2. We do not interfere in your business and are very low touch and do not take board seats. You know better than us how to be successful in your industry. However, we are always available to brainstorm, advise and introduce good mentors upon your request; 3. We've seen thousands of pitches and startups in the last decade. Although we can not predict with accuracy what will work in your case, we definitely can share what we've seen that does not work elsewhere and in Brazil saving you time, money and emotional distress; 4. We have an extensive network of entrepreneurs and tech executives not only in Brazil, but also in North America (Silicon Valley), Europe and Asia; 5. We are super transparent, quick to decide and want to add value to your company even if we don't invest. We believe in the "pay it forward" Silicon Valley mindset; 6. We trust the founders to do the right thing. Reputation is our best ally.
  • How do I reach Niu Ventures and set an appointment?
    First, read the entire FAQ and make sure your startup fits our investment criteria. Then you can reach us by clicking on this link. Be brief and straight to the point as we get too many inbound requests.
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